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Many health practitioners rely on issuing individualised home management programs or regimes to the client in order to facilitate the client’s recovery process. ADL Health is here to help keep clients focused on their health and wellness programs.


ADL Health is an online portal that facilitates client-practitioner contact in between traditional contact sessions (appointments). It is used by health practitioners to detail their client’s home program for them and track their client’s adherence thereto.

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Before my knee injury, I was an active person who participated in sports. The process of healing has been a tough and long journey for me, but with the help of my physiotherapist, I have overcome many of the challenges I have faced. I never thought I would attempt to jog or hike again, and now that I have achieved that, it has boosted my self-confidence. I exercise daily to remain focused and keep motivated. Thank you ADL Health.

Boitumelo, ACL reconstruction
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